Friday, 16 September 2011


What is Ergonomics?? 
According to Toby Hamilton (2010) ergonomics is a means of "determining how the psychological, physical and social characteristics of people and environments influence task performance". Let’s relate this to soccer. For one to play soccer they would have to have an interest in the game an ‘I want to learn to play’ or an ‘I need to play’ attitude (psychological). They would need to be able to move around on the field, kick and throw a ball (physical). They would also need to be able to interact with others in the team and on the field. The environment has a big impact on the game too because it’s normally played in all weather. Therefore when it’s nice and sunny with a cool breeze these are perfect conditions for the game, it gets everyone in the right spirit and the right mind frame. But if it’s cold, raining and blowing a gale the mood or energy for wanting to play can become snuffed out. These all impact on the person’s performance when they are playing the game because the person who is playing on the nice day is going to enjoy the game more than the person on the bad day. This will illicit motivation and drive from the player. 
In an article by Michelle Elliot she writes how play and games is "something that allows us to explore and share our common roots and sensibilities, where ever we live and whatever culture we are from (2008, p.1)". This links well into social characteristics of ergonomics.
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