Friday, 9 September 2011


This is a new paper for semester two but what is it all about? What will we learn???

In short we will be looking at the value of meaningful engagement in occupation through mindfulness, frameworks and philosophies. This will be done through an occupation of our choice, which we will be regularly posting about over the next six weeks. The occupation of my choice is women’s Soccer.

What is soccer and why do I love playing it?

For those of you who are unsure or only have I general idea about this sport I will give you a little overview of the game now. Soccer is a sport played on a large patch of grass with two goals (one at each end of the field). The goals make the outline shape of a bus shelter and have a net that hangs down the back of the goal. The aim of the game is to get the ball through your opponent’s goal and into the net as many times as you can without your opponent scoring in your goal (something our present team has trouble with at the moment). There are 11 players on each team including your goalie, a referee and two linesmen (if you’re lucky). The game is played for 90 minutes, two 45 min halves, you’re only allowed to use your feet, legs, and chest or head to control the ball and you cannot take the persons feet out when going for the ball. I love this game because it is very much a team sport and gets many different people with a similar interest working together. It keeps me fit over the winter months, I get to improve my repertoire of skills every time I play and I get to play with many of my friends.

Can you see any themes relating to OT in there? I can!!

Social interaction, self efficacy, motivation, personal improvement, group/team work, structure, boundaries, physical/mental and emotional well being…. the list goes on!

Until next time this is Megan signing out!!       

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  1. Hey Megan, I love your enthusiasm for soccer. Yes I can definetly see themes linking to occupational therapy, brilliant!